Mike Sanders, host of a late-night talk radio program, gets an unexpected call from a man taking credit for brutally murdering a young woman.  Mike responds on-air as though the caller is joking, but places a call to the police, who discover that the caller was telling the truth.  The body, or parts of it, are found in a dumpster.
Sanders and Homicide Detective Shannon Merrick become embroiled in the most terrifying and gruesome string of serial murders in the city’s history – with each killing followed by a haunting call to Sanders’s radio show. As the body count grows, the city becomes paralyzed with terror.


Kay Davis, a twelve-year-old girl from a small town in Georgia, is diagnosed with a rare, terminal cancer.  Her only hope is an experimental treatment just beginning human trials in England. In desperation, her parents sign her up – and the results are astonishing.  All the children in the test group are cancer-free within days.  But this miracle treatment has side effects even more dangerous than the deadly disease it cures.
Can Kay survive the cure? Can her family? Can the world?


Joe Freeman lives in a world drastically askew.  His apartment building has gone suddenly empty, and when he accidentally drops a cigarette butt in the gutter, he is arrested for littering – then, through a computer error, he’s convicted of slandering the government.  His punishment includes a glossectomy (surgical removal of the tongue), being permanently dyed bright green, and being helidropped into the Zone 5 Radiation Wasteland.
And then things really get strange.


Jonathan is dating Melissa, but finds himself attracted to his best friend Chris’s girlfriend Carol.  Carol returns the interest, but it may be more manipulation than infatuation.  Melissa is besotted with Jonathan and doesn’t notice the stolen glances between him and Carol.  Carol’s little sister Katie also has a crush on Jonathan, but she’s only fifteen. Chris suspects what’s going on, but he’s busy trying to make the Olympic swimming team, and hopes it’s just the nerves talking.  
He’s wrong.  Love isn’t just blind, it also sucks at math.


A truck is forced into the barrier midway across the George Washington Bridge. The rear doors come open and a crate slides out onto the pavement, breaking open.  The driver climbs out of the cab and is astonished by the sight of the crate’s contents scattered across the bridge: an assortment of military weapons and explosives.  A distant sniper rifle fires, and the truck driver crumples in a heap to the pavement.  
Sean Casey, the homicide detective assigned to the case, follows a chain of evidence that leads to a shocking conclusion:  Manhattan is once again to be held hostage to a terrorist threat.


The year is 2089. The L5 power generation station, supporting a population of almost eight thousand, is the largest source of energy for Earth’s teeming multitudes, as well as the launch platform for interplanetary exploration and commerce.  Its thousands of square kilometers of solar panels convert vast quantities of sunlight into electric power – enough to supply nearly 25% of the world’s needs.
No one owns the station: the L5 colony is an international protectorate.  But there are powers on Earth that would like to see that change.